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To provide technological solutions, products, industrial equipment, machinery, spare parts, and specialty materials from recognized manufactures/ suppliers to Customers in Latin America and The Caribbean.

  •  Gas and steam turbine generators, replacement parts, nozzles,blades, buckets, air and hydraulic oil filters combustion components, ignition components.
  • Boilers and steam generators replacemente parts (non-B&W), tubes, burners, ignitors, flame detectors, air heater baskets, air heater gearboxes, combustion gases analyzers, expansion joints, other. For B&W / DPIIBoilers/ replacement parts contact: THERMOPOWER C.A at
  • Heat exchangers, surface condensers,dearators, fluid heaters, fired heaters, spare parts.
  •  Water treatment plants, replacement parts, water quality analyzers.
  • Electrical equipment for H.V. sub-stations, transmision lines, T&D transformers, posts, towers, other.
  • Air and Gas compressors, spare parts.
  • Instrumentation and controls; thermocouples, RTDs, Infrared temp. measurement, sensors, pressure gauges, flowmeters, level indicators, transmitters, PLCs
  • Steam trap, steam coils, specialty radiators.
  • Pumps; centrifugal,positive displacement - screw, plunger, other.
  • Motors, electrical, diesel engine driven, differents frames
  • Valves; globe, gate, butterfly, ball, motorized, control, needle, other.
  • Vibration sensors,meters,monitoring systems

  • ​Stainless steel instrumentation pipe fittings adapters and connectors
  • Electrical generators of differents capacities
  • Electrical & control cable
  • Metals and alloys; tubes and pipes,plates, bars, flanges, fittings, special profiles, structurals- carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty steels
  • PV & CSP- solar & wind turbines for electricity generation Solutions
  •  General & special tooling
  • Specialty packings and seals
  • Cooling air conditioners operated electrically and by natural gas, solar energy and evaporative type
  • Industrial welding machines; electrical and diesel
  • High efficiency Led lamps including solar & wind
  • Supply and comercialize nanotechnology - high technology products & services offering different and innovative solutions to the traditional ones available in the market.

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